So Cal colleges

I'm Admitted! Why you should be proud...but show some restraint too

This is a sensitive time of year for seniors. Some get the admissions notice from their "dream school",  others are waitlisted, and many more are rejected.  Student's egos and pride are all out for everyone to see in the next few months. It is a tough emotional ride to watch. At our high school, we asked seniors to be sensitive and supportive of each of their decisions.  Is your best friend accepted to a college that you don't like or admire? Support them. Are you going to a college that 'no one' in your school has even heard of? You deserve support too. Each student has their own path. 

Parents also need to support this party line of unilateral support. It always amazes me at the number of parents that will chat about their student's acceptances as if it is their "resume" proof of being a great parent. How does that make other parents feel? In this sensitive time of senior year, walk the walk. Show your student how to be classy and how to treat all decisions with support!  We will create a much happier and supportive community for us and our students.