When it comes to your college decision, everyone thinks they know what’s right for you. But this is your time, and it’s time to find your own roadmap. This doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. In fact, everyone around you is cheering for your success! (no pressure)

Maybe you’ve got a crystal-clear vision of what you want from college. Or it could be you know college is the thing, but you’re not sure about the details or how to get there. Wherever you are, it’s great to get help making a plan and making it real.

Here’s how it works: You’ll get a chance to really think about what you want out of college, not just the coursework, but the who, what, and where of college life. Then, you’ll explore colleges that fit YOU. And you’ll have a customized plan and personal college consultant all the way through the process, from college lists and applications to acceptances.

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