Next stop: College. Getting there is a whole lot less stressful when you have a personal guide - A Roadmap for College. We’ll work together to discover your best-fit college list, create a stand-out application, and stay ahead of deadlines so your senior year is as memorable as it should be.

When to begin?

I take a limited number of students for each graduating year and I usually reach capacity for each class by June before 12th grade. While many families start the college search in the beginning of junior year, an ideal time to work with me on self-discovery & academic planning is as early as 9th grade, so you can enjoy the process and ensure your spot for your class!

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For Parents: College dreams have been on your mind since your child was born. Now it’s time to get serious about the college search. But everything has changed….Click here

For Students: When it comes to your college decision, everyone thinks they know what’s right for you. But this is your time, and it’s time to find your own roadmap. This doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. In fact, everyone around you is cheering for your success! (no pressure). Maybe you’ve got a crystal-clear vision….Click here

About A Roadmap for College

Planning for college is a chance to think deeply about your interests and goals for the future. A Roadmap for College gives you the structure and guidance to define your college path. Through careful listening and assessments, we personalize your college discovery process. You’ll have a guide by your side every step of the way, with a goal of keeping the stress low and the energy level high.

A Roadmap for College is designed for high school students starting to think about college as early as 9th grade. Students who benefit include those who are exploring areas of study and those who are open minded about their college choices. Students and families also benefit from having a personal consultant to keep them on task.  

A Roadmap for College is located in Northern California, and while most students meet in person for counseling, meetings can also be conducted via video conference as we’ve done with students as far away as Alaska and New Zealand!

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