College dreams have been on your mind since your child was born. Now it’s time to get serious about the college search. But everything has changed since you were in high school. All the information out there can be overwhelming rather than comforting. You’ve probably already gotten plenty of college advice - much of it based on other people’s experiences. You don’t need more advice. You need a personal guide - your own consultant.

Where can you turn for guidance? High school counselors have caseloads with hundreds of students. Many counselors are excellent at providing advice at school, but their availability is limited. Some parents take on the work of guiding their child’s college journey, only to find it’s like having another job. Parents feeling like they’re doing all the work can cause family tension about deadlines and decisions.

How can we create an exciting time of discovery for both you and your kid? Let’s work together to help your student navigate their own path, empower them to learn which colleges are the right fit, and express their strengths and interests in personalized essays and applications.  And, let’s manage the stress by helping you stay on top of college knowledge, changing deadlines, and demands.

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