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Corinne - Portland State University

I truly believe that working with you and having your resources gave me a huge advantage over my peers. You introduced me to schools that I hadn’t ever heard of and I ended up loving them. I do think I would’ve been more stressed if I was going about it on my own. I am honestly so thankful that I got to work with you.

Thank you again,


We are so thankful that we made the choice to hire Audrey to help our daughter navigate the college application arena. The vastness of choices available were daunting and we felt overwhelmed. Audrey helped our daughter narrow down the options, stay focused, and ultimately get accepted to all of the schools she applied too. Had Audrey not been there, the same process would have caused our family great stress not to mention tension and arguments with our teenager! Thank you Audrey! We’ll be talking again in a few years when our next daughter is ready for college!


Parent Reviews

”We couldn't have done this without you, Audrey.  Thank you so much for holding our hand during this process.” Parent - Campolindo HS, Moraga, CA

”The process is so stressful and I’m not sure we would have made it through without you.” - Parent, Clayton Valley Charter HS, Concord

”Everything!!! Audrey's patience when working with my son was exceptional. We'll definitely use her again when my daughter applies for college.” - Parent, San Ramon Valley HS, San Ramon

”Getting started early, finishing assays on time for early application, developing and writing a complete resume, not having to be the one nagging about moving along in the process was huge! Having a week to week task schedule really helped breaking up the huge project into bite size pieces!” - Parent, Las Lomas HS, Walnut Creek

”Everything about this process was easier because of Audrey, our daughter was able to find the right college for her, that met all her needs without the influence of parents and friends.” - Parent, Clayton Valley Charter HS, Concord

”You took all the "nagging" off my plate, so I didn't have to really deal with anything but the applications fees. And you really helped my son focus on his needs and wants, conversations that would have been difficult with just his parents.” - Parent, College Park HS, Pleasant Hill

”We really appreciated how you were able to help our son further define what he wanted to study. Since his area of digital arts is very new, I wasn't sure how to approach this. But with your guidance and questions, he conducted a search to help him clarify his major, and then further decide which school had that major. Your questions in helping him look at the curricula of various majors really helped him think about where to focus. That, to me, was a major accomplishment. Additionally, helping him come up with his essay was a big help. Also, not having to hound him and knowing that his essays were on "schedule" was the biggest relief of all!” - Parent, Northgate HS, Walnut Creek


Audrey Slaughter is an absolute life saver, miracle worker, mentor...you name it!  My son had struggled throughout middle school, high school and into community college.  He had given up on ever being able to get into college and was definitely at a very low point in his life when we reached out to Audrey to help him put his academic information together and search out colleges and majors that would not only accept him, but ones that were suited to him and would give him the best opportunity for success.  Long story short, he has been accepted at several colleges and has committed to one and will start in the fall with a major chosen.  He's excited about school for probably the first time ever and we definitely have Audrey to thank for that.  Her knowledge, patience and encouragement definitely helped to make it all happen!

Parent of Community College transfer student, 2016 transfer


Mrs. Slaughter was with me throughout my application process and senior year as an advisor and friend. She made sure I had access to all the resources I needed to educate myself and find a career path. She always went above and beyond of what's expected and truly enjoys helping others.

–Northgate HS student, graduate class of 2015

I have to honestly tell you what I think about Audrey Slaughter. I think that the work she's done has changed my life completely. As a high school senior, I felt like I had no direction and I was as big of a mess as any other almost-college-student... She guides you in a direction that you didn't even know you were meant for, and she does it without making you stress (even though it's very easy to be stressed). She undoubtedly has shaped my life for the better... Her support and kindness is endless, and it has always reassured me that everything will be okay in the end. Let her be a part of your life, because I am sure that you will find your direction.

 – Northgate HS student, graduate class of 2015