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YOU are the Success factor, not your College

“If your self-worth is tied to being better than others, you’re headed for trouble.

I am so proud of the seniors that chose to work with me this year - they applied to over 100 different universities all over the United States and the UK. And the best part is that they chose for so many different reasons - it was their decision, influenced by what they decided was important to them and their family budgets.

But, their peers are not always kind. Other students seem to ‘know’ what’s best for them, and yesterday some of them were approached with questions like, “Why did you choose THAT college?”

I was told that some of my students held their heads high and remembered their key reasons. And, if they chose to share, great. If they didn’t, they laughed it off and said it was a great personal decision for themselves and walked away from that person. It’s not easy to handle peer pressure. Really, does their opinion matter? You won’t see most of them in about 6 weeks after high school graduation.

This New York Times article is about understanding that college does not define “YOU”. Success is not a specific diploma. So, as you look forward to your next chapter, whether it’s next Fall or you’re still looking for colleges, keep YOU in mind first. What you define as success is unique, just as you are, so own your decisions and BE PROUD.