academic planning

When Should I start Planning for college? NOW.

A well thought out academic plan comes with time. Starting in middle school, plan out your next 3 years+ of your core subjects. By taking Algebra 1 in 8th grade, where will that lead you by 12th grade? If math is your strength, you may find that you will run out of time to achieve advanced math courses by high school. That is why planning out your course schedule, reviewing it on a yearly basis based on your grades and interests, and then revising your roadmap is essential. You can do this on your own, meet with a school academic counselor, and/or call in and outside advisor to help you strategize your options. There are many creative alternatives to maximize your school course selections. There are also summer options at various institutions or with online coursework. And, independent study into your field of interest can show initiative and focus beyond what is offered to everyone in your school.  Focus on your long term goals and re-visit them yearly. Utilize your grades to check in on the reality of achieving that goal and continue adjusting the roadmap to your dreams by finding resources to assist you!