Tips on creating a GREAT college experience...and land a great career!

BIG disclosure - the answer to that question is NOT '....go to an Ivy League or brand name college'.  Surprising? 

Take a moment to read this Gallup- Purdue University poll: 

In it, note the 6 key experiences that are vital to college satisfaction...and solid career options after graduation. The key is WHAT you do in college, not WHERE you go to college. Another great book to help you understand selecting the right colleges for you: "Where you Go is Not Who You'll Be", by Frank Bruni. Here's a YouTube video with Frank Bruni discussing this topic: 

Take a moment to think about this major investment in your life. Understand what factors are most important when selecting your college list. Before you dive into college, don't just follow your friends and their advice (now you know why the ducks are the picture of choice on this blog post!).

Learn the facts for yourself and discover what is important to YOU. Ground yourself in good information and enjoy your college journey!