Juniors - College Tips and Tasks

It's Junior year....and yes, you can begin preparing for your college journey in easy and relaxed steps. 

1 - CREATE A TEST PLAN: Take a practice ACT or SAT (all colleges take both, so do not take both tests officially).  Practice tests are often given by your high school or a test prep company locally. Also, there are sample tests online. Do not take an official SAT or ACT 'just to practice'. Preview the test format, practice the questions and the timing, and be ready. 

2- LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Yes, you really should think about that this year. Why? Most colleges will want a teacher letter from this year's teachers.  How do help yourself? Make an effort. Participate in class or ask your teachers to help clarify any confusion. Be proactive - don't wait until the day before the test to ask for help. Teachers are more impressed with effort than they are with a silent and non participating perfect A student sitting in the back. 

3- CREATE AN ACTIVITIES RESUME: Choose quality over quantity. Your school doesn't have anything that interests you? So, GET OUT and look up on Google your favorite subject.  Write a blog (it's fun!) , build a plane from a kit, or learn Orienteering. Point? It doesn't matter. Cull your activities and make time to go deep in what matters to you!