Oregon State University - OSU Beavers

Big (28,000 students – 23K undergrads), friendly, and football. What does OSU offer for YOUR student?

Location: Parents like that its just 9 hours driving time and 1 ½ hours from Portland (for you, easy ways to get your student back home – drive or fly). Students like that it’s far away enough from home, but still less than an hour to beaches and 2 ½ hours from skiing

Fun Facts:

Top majors: Engineering (not at U of O), Psychology, Business.  There are over 200 different majors, all non-impacted.

1:26 = student to professor ratio

OSU is only school in US with Land, Space, Sun and Sea Grant designation, which means #1 research funding in Oregon. Over 2,000 undergraduates participated in research projects last year.

77% acceptance rate of OSU grads into medical school

“Double Degree”  in Teaching – allows you to earn 2 degrees (Education and your choice) and have a K-12teaching license valid in over 30 states in just 4 years: http://education.oregonstate.edu/i-want-know-about

Pharmacy graduate school interest - OSU’s “Early Assurance Program” for select freshman applicants that assures direct entry into their Pharmacy graduate program (very competitive): http://pharmacy.oregonstate.edu/early-assurance-program

School of Engineering – Last year’s admitted class had an average 3.55 GPA and SAT score of 1724.  Formula SAE racing team is just one of the fun academic clubs for Engineering majors. http://engineering.oregonstate.edu/fact-sheet

Admissions – Nov. 1st EA (non binding early notification of acceptance) deadline, Feb. 1st final deadline, minimum 3.0 GPA (LY 3.5 average GPA accepted), no min. ACT/SAT test score

Who should consider OSU - Student that needs a large variety of majors, can handle self advocacy in a large campus setting, wants classic school spirit atmosphere in a small town, and can afford the out of state tuition.