SAT/ACT – which should I choose?

Yes, choose just one.  Take a sample ACT or SAT this fall and then register/prepare for only one. ALL COLLEGES EQUALLY WEIGH EITHER CHOICE. Where to take a sample test?

·         At your school  (check if the College & Career office will offer one this fall or early spring)

·         Online – ACT and SAT both have samples (SAT – full test, ACT – you have to buy the ACT Test Guide to get a full sample test)

o   Sample ACT questions

o   Sample ACT Writing prompt

o   Sample SAT practice exams through Kahn Academy

·         Local test prep companies -  Compass Prep or Princeton Review also offer FREE in person tests on the weekends at libraries near you for those who can’t concentrate at home. Call and make a reservation.  I do not endorse one company or another, just offering choices!

After taking samples of each, you will notice some differences in the style, pace, and format. Choose one by comparing your ACT and SAT scores respectively on a Concordance chart, like that one offered by Compass Prep.   Save time & money – target your studying and test efforts!